PSST! Wanna Buy A Record?

by PSST! Wanna Buy A Record?

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    19 track LP, 33RPM, 180g, 300 copies. Vinyl redux of 1986 post-punk experimental DIY cassette compilation ‘Psst – Wanna Buy a Tape?’, originally released as an annexe to the underground comic El Frenzy, edited by crown prince of avant-pop Bing Selfish.

    "Operates in the world of lo-fi rock music, post-punk improvisation and downright weirdness ... This particular version of the 80s: how much I miss them!" - from 'Vital Weekly' review of PSST.

    Containing brittle sounds honed in the housing co-ops, squats and 8-track dens of radical London, El Frenzy editor Bing Selfish compiled PSST, playing on most of the tracks. The rest of the cast sketching out sensitive performance patterns (in n! permutations) included Amos (aka L.Voag / Xentos of It’s War Boys / Amos & Sara / Die Trip Computer Die et al.), Robert Storey (dark heart of The Murphy Federation since 1980), Lepke B. (Milk From Cheltenham / Die Trip Computer Die et al.), Chris Gray (The Homosexuals producer/engineer, Amos & Sara et al.), Victor Lounge (Milk from Cheltenham), Pete Baker (Murphy Working Stiffs), Mick Hobbs (The Work, Family Fodder).

    Contains 16 page A4 risograph booklet with Bing Selfish & Knutsford Hanoi interview + A3 insert with fellow squatland traveler Richard Dudanski (PiL / 101ers) interviewed. All copies hand numbered / assembled and sent out with random extras.

    "What does it sound like? Delia Derbyshire's hunkered down in a Stockwell basement, the floor's strewn with beat up latino, jazz and funk LPs from Oxfam round the corner ... her TASCAM's missing two slider buttons, but she's got a steady supply of gin. Suddenly a bunch of South London miscreants stumble in, claiming to be "musos" ... Delia takes another hit from the bottle and presses record. The next day she wakes up with a banging hangover and rewinds the tape. She jots in her notebook: 'We're Only In It For The Money' kerb crawling 'Soft Machine Volume Two' with Coxsone lighting up a spliff in the doorway ... strictly no commercial potential." - Port Combo, retired music journo.

    Remastered from cassette by Bob Drake.

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released June 14, 2015



PSST! Wanna Buy A Record? Munkzwalm, Belgium

Private press vinyl redux of 1986 UK DIY experimental cassette compilation from post- Homosexuals / Murphy Federation / It's War Boys crew.

Note: there is no digital download version of this release.

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